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Final presentations of the Lifbee Academy cohort from 2021/2022

The live broadcast will take place on this site online on February 11, 2022, (Friday) at 18:00.

Live Stream

Already this Friday, you will hear seven innovative and exceptional projects in the field of biotechnology and business, thanks to the LIVE stream of the ceremonial Lifbee Academy Final 2021/2022.

We will award prizes worth two winning teams

€ 10,000 .


These seven ideas from MedTech and Enviro will be presented to a panel of six experts in the field. 


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  • 18:00 Opening ceremony of the event

  • 18:20 Presentations of Enviro Lab teams

    • 18:22 The zWOOLni team

    • 18:35 EcoFibris team

    • 18:49 Arandelas team

  • 19:10 Break

  • 19:20 Presentations of MedTech Lab teams

    • 19:23 Team Sanubio

    • 19:37 Noxeka team

    • 19:51 Team [BE:] Protect

    • 20:05 Team Comfy

  • 20:30 Keynote speaker - Robert Mistrík

  • 20:50 Winners announced

  • 21:30 Official closing

Expert Jury of Medtech Lab:

Eva Kováčová - Director of Glycanostics, an innovative biotechnological start-up based in Slovakia, focusing on creating early and reliable tests for diagnosing prostate cancer.

Alexander Feťkovsky - Director of the successful global contract research organization SanaClis, which conducts full-service clinical research at the European and international levels.

Michal Nešpor - Partner at the investment platform Crowdberry and CB Investment Management, a subsidiary of Crowdberry, which manages an investment fund. He has over 16 years of experience working with startups and investing in startups from both the investor and founder sides.

Enviro Lab Expert Jury:

Katarína Kretter - Director of the Communication Department at ENVI-PAK, the largest producer responsibility organization operating in the field of environment and sustainability.

Andrea Orsag - Professional consultant for the circular economy and sustainability. Co-founder of MissionC, a strategic consulting firm based in Amsterdam that accelerates the transition to a circular economy.

Jaroslav Chrapko - Director and founder of Dedoles, a Slovak multimillion-dollar enterprise selling products in over 20 European markets.

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