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The Lifbee Manifesto

Every day, we actively work to become leaders and set positive examples that it is possible to create things purely based on ethics, ideals, and entrepreneurial spirit.

We actively work on creating value, relationships, and capital. We are building a non-profit organization based on the purest form of ethical capitalism.

We perceive Lifbee as a grand and significant experiment that validates our efforts. Our goal is to build a comprehensive system and community from private resources untainted by a dubious past, without state grants and subsidies.

We acknowledge that many good things have emerged with the combination of state grants, but at the same time, many of these things distort the social, economic environment, and the culture of entrepreneurial spirit and personal responsibility. In this spirit, we perceive this type of support as counterproductive to building a healthy market environment.

The culture of constructive, proactive, creative entrepreneurial approach can dramatically and healthily transform society, often in an intuitive innovative way, and quickly respond to its new needs. We believe this is the path for the future in an era characterized by the rise of exponential technologies, global and environmental awareness.

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