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Creating Innovations Together

Lifbee is a platform that gathers talent from all universities and young professionals from various fields. Develop yourself in the field of business, utilize scientific applications, improve this world, and open yourself to future opportunities.

Come to us to learn how to become an innovator and generate ideas to address challenges in human health and environmental sustainability.

If you're an organization, join the highly valuable network of innovators, industrial companies, organizations, and university partners. Create meaningful collaborations with us in developing activities to support the innovation ecosystem.


News & Updates

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Lifbee Academy

Educational Program Focused on Scientific Applications, Impactful Entrepreneurship, Environmental Sustainability, and Human Health Topics.

Whether you're a student, graduate, or young professional from any field, you have the opportunity to gain unique experience and skill sets highly valued in the job market. One of these valuable skills is the ability to collaborate across disciplines. Enroll in the program and explore new opportunities!

The program includes an innovative incubator where ideas and interdisciplinary teams are formed. You can start launching your own project during Lifbee.

We would like your company to partner with us and become part of the Lifbee platform

We connect key stakeholders - emerging startups, industrial partners, experts in environmental and medtech fields, universities, and scientific groups.

Join us! Become a leader in CSR and innovation as an organization. Support projects with the potential for significant impact, seize new investment opportunities, or discover new interesting partners interested in actively developing our region.

We are actively working to create innovative clusters in our region to accelerate the emergence of new technologies and their application in industry and the market.

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Partner Recommendations


Alexander Feťkovský

CEO SanaClis

"From the perspective of SanaClis and myself, supporting Lifbee Academy was a natural choice.

Seeing a young generation unafraid to step out of their comfort zone and work on themselves is amazing and enriching.

We'll see if any of the projects manage to become a reality. We wish them the best of luck and are happy to support them in the future."


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