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Turn creativity and determination into innovation

Find happiness in science!

Lifbee Academy is a unique Central European educational program and innovation incubator for scientists and "non-scientists". It operates mainly online, with in-person sessions held in Bratislava.

Our passion lies in all scientific applications and innovations that can help improve human health and solve environmental issues. Every day, we strive to educate a new generation of innovators. We believe you belong among them too!

With Lifbee, you'll gain knowledge, experience, and a community to help you thrive and find joy in science.

Apply for the 8-month Lifbee Academy program, starting in June!

Apply this week to secure your spot in the program. Spaces are limited!

Experiences of
Lifbee Academy Graduates

DSC_3080 - Jakub Malachovský.jpg

"I entered the program with two goals - to gain a new perspective and understanding of the field I hadn't previously known much about (life science innovations) and to make new contacts and friendships with like-minded people. In both cases, my expectations were surpassed during the 8-month period, and thanks to Lifbee, I will once again see the world through different eyes."

Jakub Malachovský

Business Consultant

Focus on what you enjoy

Terez added innovation to her list of skills


What awaits you at Lifbee Academy?
Find happiness in innovation

Lectures on business, product development, and Life Sciences, EnviroTech industry

You will learn quality information and apply it in practice. We have prepared for you more than 40 lectures covering scientific applications, regulations, business, product development, marketing, and teamwork, from which you will utilize knowledge in product creation. The lectures will be conducted by directors of large and starting companies, industry experts with many years of experience, and lecturers with international experience.

Science and positive impact

We will focus on topics with real impact. We will seek environmental solutions or solutions for the area of human health. Today's world faces many challenges, to which science has the answer. We perceive science as a tool that can offer solutions. Together, we will show you how to consider ethics and systemic thinking in our decisions.

Product development process

Together with your team, you will find a solution to the problem you define, create a business plan, technical solution, and test your hypotheses directly with your customer. It's not a simulation. As a team, you will build a network of new contacts. You will communicate with universities, potential customers, and partners. In this process, you will gain immense value in the form of new skills, experiences, and contacts.

Own team and innovation incubator

During the practical 4-month project part connected with the innovation incubator, you will gain an interdisciplinary team created from program participants. You will work on your own startup idea based on scientific technology. You won't be alone in this as a team, but you will be supported by experienced people from the fields of science and business. This way, you can create a truly quality project. And who knows? Maybe you will decide to continue and break through with the idea. In the incubator, we will be happy to support you in case of such ambition.


Expert Lectures





Teambuilding Activities

Some of our lecturers and guest speakers

Lili (1).jpg

Liliana Unachukwu

Co-founder of Pipette and Chart, entrepreneur in emerging technologies and technology transfer

Some of our mentors


Martina Lutterová

Specialist in Life Sciences, consultant in Health Innovations, co-founder of LABORY55

Kotva 1

Who is the program for?

For both scientists and "non-scientists" and for anyone who wants to discover their potential

University students, PhD students, graduates, and young professionals

Scientists and medics

Students, graduates, and PhD students in biological fields, chemistry, pharmacy, medicine, physics, ecology, engineering, and environmental sciences

Engineers and hardware specialists

Students, graduates, and PhD students in the field of automation, engineering, mechanics, and mechanical engineering, and others

Project managers and marketers

Students and graduates in economic fields, marketing, management, and business

Product designers

Students and graduates in architecture, design, and material science

Computer scientists, bioinformaticians, data scientists

Students and graduates in electrical engineering, computer science, and mathematics


During the program, you will encounter topics such as


Introduction to the program and global challenges

The introduction to the program provides an overview of the topics we will focus on. We will showcase positive examples of individuals who are active in innovation and new technologies.

What will team work and project work look like?

After completing the theoretical part, you'll dive into working on your own project. Over the course of several months, you'll collaborate with the rest of the team. Together, you'll decide whether you want to work on a project in the Life Sciences Lab or the EnviroTech Lab.

You'll find a solution to a problem you identify, create a project with a clear business plan, technological validation, and test it with customers.

rastlina zelená (3).png

EnviroTech Lab

Environmental issues, animal rights, green energy, circular economy

New materials, biofabrication, bioutilization

miska modrá (2).png

Life Sciences Lab

Health, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic industry

Healthy nutrition, diagnostics, and prevention


The best projects will advance to the Lifbee BioInnovation Award Finale, where they compete for a total prize of up to €10,000 for further project development

If you wish to continue with your project after the program

we provide a contractual framework and human support to help you:

  • Collaborate effectively and develop the project as a team

  • Address intellectual property rights

  • Formally prepare the project for investment

In the event that the team decides to continue with the project and establish a company, the incubator takes a 3% share of the business. This ensures that the energy invested in the team and the project is reinvested, allowing us to nurture future generations of innovators.

Many teams from Lifbee are currently continuing to work on their projects, developing their ideas and technology, and some have even secured their first investment.


Can I manage it time-wise?

You can manage Lifbee Academy alongside work, school, or while working on your dissertation.

The program runs 2-3 times a week in the evenings from 18:00. You can comfortably join from anywhere because we operate online during the week. Once a month, we meet in person for full-day Saturday workshops and retreats. We are located within walking distance of the main station in Bratislava, so there are no transportation complications. If you cannot attend in person at that time, you can join online.

Thanks to today's online communication tools, we are prepared for anything. We can provide you with quality speakers from around the world who will share their experiences with you. Dedicate 2-3 evenings a week to self-development for your future.

Why should you apply?

Today's world needs your creativity, determination, and willingness to work on yourself.

Practical experience for your career with the opportunity to kickstart your own project

Your own innovative project and team

Topics with real impact

Knowledge from top experts

Courage and competence

Great community and networking opportunities

We offer you project-based education and the opportunity to make an impact on things around you

Lifbee Academy is a program with high added value. In 8 months, you'll gain experience and practical skills equivalent to those gained at university.

We want education to be affordable for everyone. Money should not be a barrier to personal development.

You'll cover 20-30% of the total program cost with your tuition fee. The rest is covered by our association, partners, and program supporters.

Apply now and get quality education worth more than €3000. Show the world what you're made of!

 Tuition for students: €89 per month 

/ €712 for the entire program

Tuition for working professionals: €119 per month

/ €952 for the entire program​

Need additional financial support?

Let us know about yourself! We're happy to discuss your motivation for the program.

We can offer you an additional scholarship ranging from 10-50% of the program cost.

  • Courage
    I'm not afraid to get out of my comfort zone and use your creativity to find solutions. I have confidence in myself that the apparent obstacles will not deter me from my goal. Courage is always the first step on the road to success.
  • Ethics
    I understand ethics as the intersection of the consciousness of suffering, the intention to remove it, and the knowledge of the path that leads to a solution. I consider the aspect of ethics and morality in decision-making and actively learn to grow ethically. I can take responsibility for myself and my actions. I try to look at the world through the eyes of another. I protect and seek compassion for living beings who feel fear, pain and insecurity just like everyone else.
  • Constructive approach
    Many things around us don't work perfectly. I have the ability to change things in my hands. I know how to get actively involved and create solutions that bring change and solve a real problem. Enthusiasts will get a good solution on their own.
  • Integrity
    I am consistent in my thoughts and actions. I try to act in accordance with my values, even if it can be uncomfortable for me.
  • Community
    A quality community creates a subsoil in which skilled people have the opportunity to grow. Mutual, informal and selfless help can start revolutionary projects. I want to be part of and actively contribute to the community of active innovators who want to change the world around them.

Patrons of the Labs

Enviro Lab Patron

Medtech Lab Patron

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Main Program Partners

Support for Enviro Lab Teams


Support for MedTech Lab Teams

We are currently seeking partners. Become a partner.


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