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Become a supporter and help us build an environment for the self-realization of young talents

Help us build Lifbee, the flagship of the innovation community in Central Europe. Support Lifbee as a one-time financial donation, or you can become an active regular donor. 

Smaller one-time financial support from 50 Euros can help us with:

  • covering part of the cost of a professional lecture by an expert from practice

  • to cover part of the costs associated with the material provision of the weekend concentration of students

  • covering the costs of writing a professional or scientifically popular blog

Larger one-time support from 500 Euros, or regular financial support can help us with:  

  • covering the cost of lectures by two foreign experts with many years of experience in the industry

  • providing long-term business metering for one of the student teams

  • procuring equipment for professional provision of hybrid workshops

I want to become a Lifbee supporter

If you wish to become a regular monthly supporter of Lifbee or contribute a one-time donation of at least 50 Euros, please transfer your funds to the following account number of BioHive o.z.:

Bank account: SK2009000000005168784614

Note If you include your name in the note, we will publish you in the annual report as one of the supporters.

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Please support us by considering the option to contribute 2% of your tax to our activities. The financial support obtained would allow us to strengthen the operation of our educational program.

Name: BioHive o.z.

Tax Identification Number (IČO): 52939383

The donation form for 2% of the tax must be current for the respective year. You can find it at the tax office or download it HERE.


By February 15, 2024, request your employer to perform the annual reconciliation of paid advances on tax and issue a Confirmation of Income Tax Payment from Dependent Activity.

Complete the Declaration on the Allocation of the Share of Paid Personal Income Tax form.

By April 30, 2024, submit both forms to the tax office according to your place of residence.

What have we achieved in the last 4 years?


Successfully organized years of the 8-month program

with integrated Lifbee Academy incubator


Organized activities for the general professional public in the form of lectures and workshops on business, scientific and environmental topics


Involved industry professionals, company directors and mentors from various fields in the activities of the Lifbee platform


Successful graduates to whom we have imparted experience and know-how in the field of scientific innovation creation


Organized large projects such as the first Slovak biohackathon, final pitching of business ideas, weekly summer call and large community events


Secure mentoring hours for young innovators


Scientific applications reflecting the environmental crisis and challenges associated with human health that we Have popularized


Organized all-day training centers for Lifbee Academy participants


Involved partners and companies supporting the platform

I want to become a Lifbee partner and actively participate in the activities of the platform

The sustainability of the entire project and the scalability of all the activities we develop are based on a system of regular support from our lab patrons and main partners, who financially and by sharing their experiences and expertise support the innovative incubator Lifbee Academy. Furthermore, the financial and expert support of our partners and the coverage of highly specialized blocks of the theoretical part of LA thanks to content partners. Lifbee Academy students cover 30% of the costs of the educational program with an integrated incubator through their tuition fees.

We are currently seeking industrial partners who would like to get involved and, together with us, build the innovative potential of our region, share experiences and know-how in business, scalability, research and development, and financially support the platform's activities. We would be pleased to hear from you at

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